KXB - Rick at Lake Vermilion, Minnesota USA

Here is a collection of QSLs I have sent out over the years. Please take a look at Special QSLs too.



The silver and black card is from 1962. I thought it was pretty sharp.

When I got back on the air from Arlington, Massachusetts in 1970, I used a Heathkit HW-16 and windowsill vertical antenna.


K0XBottawaa K0XBottawad

We moved to Minneapolis in 1977. By that time, I had upgraded to a Heathkit HW-101 and ground plane antenna on the roof. Later, I purchased a new Ten-Tec Omni C, Series D. I still have that rig.


K0XBottawab K0XBottawac

I do not have a copy of my original WNAPN novice QSL card, but these two cards with the guys carrying the canoe have the same picture. I like to think thats me in the front.


K0XBmihhehahaa K0XBminnehahab

Using an early Apple Macintosh computer, I made these home-brew cards. I still prefer a Mac to a PC,

but virtually all ham radio software is written for a PC. So I use a PC in the shack.


K0XBminnehahac K0XBminnehahad

Thats me with the dark hair and big glasses. I am smiling in the card on the left, because I just got a new Ten-Tec Omni V.


K0XBminnehahade K0XBplacitasa

That is a 1974 MGB/GT. I even had a 2 meter rig in it.

We moved to New Mexico in 1993. What a beautiful place to live!


K0XBplymoutha K0XBplymouthb

When we moved back to Minneapolis in 1998, I found a photo of my 1962 station.

Yellow classic card.


K0XBvermiliona K0XBvermilionb

The view from our deck on Lake Vermilion.

Yellow classic card version 2.



I took this picture of the moon one cold, clear night.




cid:p06240800c3441eeea539@%5b192.168.0.2%5d.1.0 cid:p06240800c3441eeea539@%5b192.168.0.2%5d.1.1


These are my current QSLs, designed and printed by the qslfactory.com . I took the pictures, and Dave G8NTE designed the cards.



K0XB at globalqsl

Here are the cards I use on GlobalQSL (www.globalqsl.com).


This isnt actually one of my QSL cards (but it could be). I took it on February 28, 2017 from our back yard in Coronado.

Its the crescent moon and Venus at sunset. I thought it was pretty nice.



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