KXB - Rick at Lake Vermilion, Minnesota USA

Honor Roll Plaque

DXCC Honor Roll Plaque KXB

I was pleased to qualify for the DXCC Honor Roll in 2003. The American Radio Relay League awards this to amateur radio operators who have submitted proof of contacting at least all but ten of the places in the world where amateur radio is permitted. Currently, 340 places permit amateur radio, and I have contacted 338 of them.

Most of the time, I run my transmitter between 100 and 1,500 Watts. But every once in a while, I turn the output down to 5 Watts (QRP), to see how well I can do. Thats barely enough power to light a dim light bulb (or a bright LED), but I have contacted more than 200 countries on QRP so far.

Click here for a detailed listing of my DXCC totals.

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